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Tan Sara Garbanzo aka Chickpea

Tan Sara Garbanzo aka Chickpea

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Cicer arietinum

Central Asian in genetic origin

110 days to mature

About 50 seeds per pack

*organically grown


Garbanzos (Chickpeas) are one of humanities first domesticated crops. Domesticated chickpeas have been found at several early archaeological sites, including the Pre-Pottery Neolithic sites of Tell el-Kerkh (ca. 8,000 BC) and Dja'de (11,000-10,300 calendar years ago cal BP, or about 9,000 BC) in Syria, Cayonu (7250-6750 BC), Hacilar (ca 6700 BC), and Akarcay (7280-8700 BP) in Turkey; and Jericho (8350 BC to 7370 BC) in the West Bank.

The Tan Sara small beige type chickpea. These seeds we acquired from Rich Pecoraro of Masa Seed Foundation who started growing them in New Mexico 30 years ago and currently grows them in Colorado.

Plant in the spring, same timing as peas. Bushy growth habit.

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