About Lineage Seeds

We are a small organic seed company based in Northern New Mexico. We offer the seeds we grow in clay pots we make instead of paper packets. And on the inside of your clay pot, along with your seeds, there is a scroll, rolled up and the edges burned. The scroll details the variety name, days to maturity, location last grown, and the Known Lineage of the people that grew this seed before you got them.

All our seeds are open-pollinated, most are heirlooms, and organically grown by me, one of our growers in the region, or a peer in the organic seed industry.

There are good reasons, for thousands of years, almost every culture around the world stored their seeds in ceramics. Porous, dark, dry, and pest proof, the seeds can be viable for decades, even centuries, stored in ceramics.

We invite you to display your seed pot out in your home. Each one is a completely unique piece of art to be seen, shared, and even shaken if you need an instrument.



A bit of our founders inspiration for the work....

 Do you ever imagine the future? Ever wonder what our progeny will remember of us, what they’ll discover underground and what will have been deemed worthy to pass down. What will remain valuable? Perhaps we become a thriving, interplanetary species, advancing technologically for shared abundance and equality. Maybe we fall apart completely and those left will rebuild again. Or maybe a little of both, or nothing at all. Regardless of how it goes, imagine that future wherein the people have their heirloom seeds. Then, imagine one where they don’t. Which one seems better?

Hi, this Jared Hagood, the founder and farmer of Lineage Seeds. It’s May 2019 as I write this and I’m so stoked for you to be finding our seed pots and seeds. It’s my work to be a vehicle uplifting this ancient relationship into our modern world. I get it into your homes. Then you and the seed take it from there.

My Story? Well, it’s a long one but the majority of what I’m offering came as visions over seasons working with my teachers in the fields. They talked, I listened, I saw seeds in pots in millions of homes. Appreciate your support.