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Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon

Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon

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Citrullus lanatus

African Genetic Origin

85 Days to Mature

About 25 Seeds per pack

*organically grown

Truly, an amazing open-pollinated variety bred by David and Theresa Podoll in North Dakota. Stabilized over many generations of selection from a cross between an early maturing small, Candadian variety and the famous Black Diamond of the South. This consistent, large, round, classically striped, red fleshed, super crisp beauty is on par with the famous Crimson Sweet.

I was first introduced to this variety in 2011 managing a watermelon trial field of over 30 varieties for Rich Pecoraro of Masa Seed Foundation. This was the winner for me and I've grown it ever since. I always have the best success growing on some kind of black mulch to heat up the soil.

If you'd like a new way to make memories and new friends, bring watermelon.


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