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Lineage Seeds Wheat Set

Lineage Seeds Wheat Set

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The Wheat Seed Set comes with the 3 varieties of wheat seed listed below, each in their own individual pot with a corresponding scroll. 

Turkey Red-  ‘Turkey’ Hard Red Winter Wheat is a tall, winter hardy cultivar, that is originally from  Crimea between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in the early 19th century and earlier to Turkey to the south of the Black Sea. Mennonite immigrants brought it to the United States in the early 1870s, introducing it to the areas surrounding Marian, Reno and Harvey Counties in Kansas. It became the dominant hard red winter wheat in Kansas and much of the Great Plains breadbasket and was the major hard winter variety in the 1920s. This wheat variety has a unique, rich, and complex flavor and excellent baking qualities

White Sonoran- One of the oldest surviving wheat varieties anywhere in North America, White Sonora Wheat is a soft grain, white winter wheat primarily grown in California’s Sonora region.  It is is an extremely flavorful semi-hard white spring wheat that can be used for whole wheat flour in breads, cakes, pancakes, tortillas, and more.

Blue Emmer- It is a cultivar selected in Ethiopia by Dan Jason (Salt Spring Seeds, BC, Canada). Easy to thresh and delicious cooked as a whole grain. As well, it makes delicious sprouted wheat berries. Consistently gives great yields. Grows to about 4’ in height. 90-95 days

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