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Lineage Seeds Corn Set

Lineage Seeds Corn Set

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The Corn Seed Set comes with the 3 varieties of corn seed listed below, each in their own individual pot with a corresponding scroll.

Anasazi (Ancient Pueblo) Flour Corn

This Great ancient lineage flour corn is outstanding in so many ways. Seeds are directly from northern New Mexico cave findings where it was first grown by Gabriel Howearth from Seeds of Change and now Siempre Semillas in Baja and mainland Mexico. Plants grow strong to 7' producing beautiful multicolored soft starch kernals. Makes excellent corn bread and pancakes. One of the oldest varieties in north America. Very well adapted in the Rocky Mountain Region and temperate climates.

Chihuahua Blue Tortilla Corn

Exceptional blue tortilla and corn bread variety from Chihuahua Mexico. Rich Pecoraro started with this one back in 1997 when he obtained seeds from a corn growers coop in Chihuahua. After two seasons in Southern New Mexico-he brought it north to Boulder county where it has adapted and become our staple variety for local product development. 8' Plants produce up to 2 tons/ acre , making two nice ears of high quality flavor with versatile culinary adaptations. 

Dakota Black Popcorn

A very nice variety developed by David Podoll from Prairie Road Organic Farm and seeds in Fullerton North Dakota dates back a decade or so. Productive 6' plants give rise to small ears with striking dark red, almost black kernels that pop readily. 

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