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Lineage Seeds Bean Set

Lineage Seeds Bean Set

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The Bean Seed Set comes with the 3 varieties of bean seed listed below, each in their own individual pot with a corresponding scroll.

Anasazi Bush/Dry Bean
Original close lineage to 1500 year old New Mexico cave beans. Very attractive, high yielding half runner. Plants mature a little later than pintos and blacks here in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Hopi Black Bush/Dry Bean
Outstanding, easy to grow staple black bean. High yielding plants grow to 18' and dry and finish perfectly for early autumn harvest. This is a great cultivar from Hopi peoples of the Southwest.

Indian Woman Gold Bush/Dry Bean
Original Central Mexican golden brown bean. Northern adaptation began in Montana with early Swedish/American settlers. Plants are very well adapted here and cook up a really nice pot of traditional '' frijoles de la hoya.'' Simply - Beans cooked in a pot.

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