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Double Standard Sweet Corn

Double Standard Sweet Corn

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Zea mays

Mesoamerican in genetic origin

75 Days to mature sweet corn, 100 days to mature seed

Eat Fresh off the Cob when Silks Dry

Corn seed can be viable for many decades, especially in our clay pots

*organically grown

A nice choice for an early maturing sweet corn for the home garden.

The first open-pollinated bi-color sweet corn.

I tried this unique variety for the first time in New Mexico in 2020 and had great success. The standard was two cobs per plant. Hence the name. Very sweet and also roasted nicely. Made great chicos too.

Early maturing, with strong germination in cool soil. Johnny's developed this hardy corn for northern home gardeners, especially seed-saving enthusiasts. It is based on a nice yellow corn called Burnell that was grown in Maine in the early 1900's, and an early white heirloom from New York's St. Lawrence Valley. Nicely sized, avg. 7", ears with 12–14 rows of yellow and white kernels, some ears with yellow kernels only. Excellent traditional corn taste. Vigorous 5' plants.

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