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Dark Star Zucchini

Dark Star Zucchini

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Cucurbita pepo

Mesoamerican in Genetic Origin

45 Days to Mature

About 25 Seeds per pack

*organically grown

This is a Bill Reynolds introduction from his beautiful farm on the Eel river in Northern California. As an Organic seeds and wholesale produce grower- Bill took a shot at saving and growing seeds from an F1 hybrid variety. Something rarely done due the diversity that arises from a reemerging set of parent lines used in making the hybrid. After years of crosses and selections, the breeding project brought us a vigorous and very productive classic green Zucchini of great eating quality. We're so happy to bring you this wonderful O.P. Raven type. Thank You brother Bill Reynolds.

We got these seeds from Rich, Pecoraro and Masa Seed Foundation.

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