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Dakota Black Popcorn

Dakota Black Popcorn

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Zea mays

Mesoamerican in genetic origin

100 days to mature seed

Corn seed can be viable for many decades, especially in our clay pots

*organically grown

A nice choice for any popcorn lover in the family. Pops right off the cob. I grow this popcorn as a nod to my Papa from Kentucky named, George Wiley Hagood, who I ate many bowls of popcorn with while watching old westerns.

Another great variety bred by Theresa and Dan Podoll from Prairie Road Organic Seed in Fullerton, ND.

I first grew this popcorn here in New Mexico in 2019.

It grows 4-6 feet tall, averaging one 5-8 inch ear per stalk, and 15 rows of popcorn per ear. Dakota Black Pop has been selected for ear size, stand-ability, a smooth round kernel and deep, rich black color.

Many versions of Dakota Black Pop popcorn are labeled, 'Dakota Black'.  Some even go so far as to claim that 'Dakota Black' Pop is an heirloom variety.  It is not an heirloom, although it is open pollinated (as in, it is not a hybrid). Most agree that the definition of an heirloom means it pre-dates the 1950s or thereabouts. However,  breeding new varieties, like our ancestors did, is an important aspect of seed work still done today.  David Podoll started the breeding work on Dakota Black Pop in the early 1980s.

Clay Pot Style
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