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Concho White Tortilla Corn

Concho White Tortilla Corn

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Zea mays

Mesoamerican in genetic origin

100 days to mature seed

Corn seed can be viable for many decades, especially in our clay pots

*organically grown

The story of how I acquired the corn is one close to my heart. The winter of 2020 had been a hard one for me personally. I was in a big life transition and in the darkness. Then i got a call from my seed mentor. He was looking for a traditional white corn for a large grow out for his organic tortilla company. The task helped wake me up for the work of the seed again and I found this variety in a little seed shop in Espanola, NM. He grew a half acres worth in Colorado and my farmer brother Tory Wildharbor grew it out in La Canova, NM.

I call it a tortilla corn because it has the perfect combination of sticky hard starch and soft white starch that you want from a tortilla corn. It also works great for posole, hominy, and chicos.

This corn has been in the Espanola Valley for a very, very long time. The grower of the batch i purchased was from El Guique, NM. Identity not yet discovered.

Of all the corns I've grown here in the southwest, this has done the best. It has so many generations of local data in the seed that it just knows what to do here. 7ft tall vigorous plants with 2 big cobs per.



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