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Chihuahua Blue Tortilla Corn

Chihuahua Blue Tortilla Corn

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Zea mays

Mesoamerican in genetic origin

100 days to mature seed

Corn seed can be viable for many decades, especially in our clay pots

*organically grown

Rich Pecoraro of Masa Seed Foundation found this corn at a growers market in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1997. After many years being grown in New Mexico and Colorado, it is well adapted to the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. A versatile 8ft tall plant with two cobs per, large kernels and an equal mix of both hard and soft starch. It shines as a tortilla corn but is also good for posole, bread, grits, and any dry process. I've grown this corn many times and passed it on to a few growers as well. Including Grammy nomintated musician and farmer, Gregory Alan Isakov who is now in the Lineage of this seed. My favorite memory growing this seed was in 2015 when a tornado touched down in the field while we were planting. The 'Tornado Blue' season.

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