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Indian Woman Gold, Half-Runner, Dry Bean

Indian Woman Gold, Half-Runner, Dry Bean

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Mesoamerican in genetic origin

100 days to mature

About 50 seeds per pack

*organically grown

This heirloom bean that has been quite the world traveler. What we know for sure, is this bean is descended from the bean brought by Swedish American settlers, probably the 'Swedish Brown' aka 'Öland Island Brown Bean', in the late 1800s to Montana. Then traded with and grown by indigenous peoples in the region. The Swedes probably got it from the Spanish or Portuguese who got it from Central Mexico in the Mid-16th Century. Now we grow it back near its origins in New Mexico. What a journey...

Know for its creaminess when cooked. When our customers have compared it to our black bean, red bean, and pinto bean, the consistent feedback we'd hear was she is the tastiest.

Half-Runner growth habit meaning its kinda in between a bush and a pole type.

Known and sold by most as 'Yellow Indian Woman'. I just thought 'Indian Woman Gold' has a nicer ring to it. No selective breeding work to change the traits of this cultivar have been done.



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